AM Bespoke Ordering

Does your interior project miss that final piece of furniture that cannot be sourced from anywhere?

Does the shape or size of the room call for something bespoke, or do you just desire something unique?

AM Bespoke can offer the ability to fulfil the above and we have worked hard to make the process as enjoyable and straightforward as possible.

So, we can learn about you and what exactly you are looking for and to enable us to quote effectively. We have composed the Product Enquiry process, listed below.

By following the below stages, we can offer all the answers to your enquiry and hopefully offer a quote that is agreeable and leads to your bespoke piece of furniture taking pride of place in your interior setting.

Step One

To proceed beyond the initial consultation and to ensure that all the details and components are correct to your requirements. We ask for a Specification Form to be completed. Along with a fee of £50.00 + VAT for your CAD drawing.

(You are allowed up to 4 amendments to this drawing at no additional charge. The £50.00 + VAT will be deducted from your final invoice, should you accept the quotation).

Step Two

When the CAD payment has been received; we will create the artwork for you.
This will also list materials, colours and finishes.

Step Three

Once you confirm the CAD drawing you will receive the quote within 3 working days.

Step Four

We will send a document to you, if you agree and confirm the drawings and quotation, please sign this electronically and return this to us along with a 50% down payment.

(Please note once this document is signed off, you cannot cancel or amendment the item in any way).

Step Five

The final payment will become due, after you have inspected the finished item and signed to say you are happy with it.

(This will take place before delivery).

To complete the bespoke experience, we also offer a full White Glove delivery service.

Once you have confirmed and signed that you are happy with the item. We will pack and deliver the item to your address. Place it in position, in the room of your choice and remove all the packaging.

Please advise at Stage 1 of the process if you wish the White glove service to be included in the quotation.

If you require any other information regarding AM Bespoke or how our system works please contact Jake Astley

RV Astley Inspiration

RV Astley Inspiration

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