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The Artius Collection

After 3 years of confinement, we were released and able once more to travel.

With China being the last country to open up, we visited countries that we have not travelled to for a long time.

It was India that impressed us the most. It was wonderful to see the improvement in the design offerings. We were assailed with new finishes, materials and textures.

The Artius Collection, is an ensemble of the products we felt fitted with our existing ranges, (and a few that did not, but we liked them anyway)!

As you peruse the images you will notice a difference from our regular lines.

They are full of character and texture. With evidence of the manufacturing techniques still to be seen.

These items have been individually crafted with care, at the hands of the skilled artisans we met during our trip.

The beauty of the products lie in their imperfections, which are a reflection of their hand crafted authenticity.

We hope you enjoy Artius at Astley, as much we did working on the Collection.

RV Astley Inspiration RV Astley Inspiration RV Astley Inspiration RV Astley Inspiration

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